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Company Philosophy

Quality/Environmental Policy:

 All employees provide products that meet customer needs according to operating standards

· Comply with laws and regulations, enhance environmental awareness, carry out energy conservation and consumption reduction, and implement continuous improvement.

Quality/Environmental Objectives:
·Customer complaints (40 internal and 33 external)          Less than73 pieces/year
·Engineering defect rate                                                     Below1.0%/monthly average
·Customer quality level                                                       Grade B
Control the number of work-related injuries (excluding traffic accidents)       Less than 1 piece
·Fire, serious injury, work-related accidents                        0 pieces
·Oil and chemical leakage incidents                                    0 pieces
·Classification and treatment rate of hazardous solid waste                           with a hundred percent
·Sewage, exhaust gas, and noise emissions comply with legal and regulatory requirements
· the reported waste output in 2024     Within 2.8%
·Based on the production of hazardous waste in 2023, the reduction of hazardous waste        More than 2%

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Company strength
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